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Christopher Tupper
Born in New York
30 years
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Family Tree
Tara nee tupper, Brockner Aunt Tara April 22, 2014
Just thinnking of you , you are a copon look a like of your father! Your daughter is so beautiful,and I wish I could meet her, and the girl you love!!!  My blood I pray for you every night!!!  David  had seen on the computer that you had passed, nobody
had notified us untill a few years ago. just by chance. I spoke to V one time and tried to call again.  But  she must be busy, children and work can do that to a parent.  This being said, you were always sooo cute and funny! And the Tuppers
Have always loved you and always will!!!!!!

                                            Love, Kisses ,and Prays,Always
                                                                 Aunt Tara
Janelle Frederick

Hey Chris,  I will always remember hanging out with you and Lauri.  You both always had me laughing and having a blast.  You are a candle that will NEVER be blown out.  You will be remembered forever.  You two were always messing with me.  So always know that you are never forgotten!!!  Thanks for being a good friend!  Love Janelle

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